Swing Handle Cabinet Lock

Detailed Information
1. The swing handle cabinet lock performs with pop-up button and it is suitable for cubicle switchboard. This product can be configured with all kinds of lock plungers.
2. The product is mainly made of zinc alloy.
3. The surface of the product is usually processed with paint spraying, plastic spraying, sand spraying, electroplating, etc.
4. Our product is manufactured in accordance with the regulation of JB/T10382-2002 about the general technical conditions of the electronic equipment of machinery lock. This product is guaranteed on quality through various tests, like weather resistant test, mechanical performance, physical and chemical analysis, etc.

We are a China-based swing handle cabinet lock manufacturer and supplier. We offer an extensive line of products, including panel lock, hinge, toggle latch hasp, handle lock, cabinet handle, and much more.

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