About Us

?????Shengjiu Cabinet Lock Co?, Ltd? is a Chinese maker that is fully committed to the development, production, and marketing of industrial cabinet locks and processing hardware? Our company offers products such as the hinge, handle, door stop, rubber seal, cylinder cabinet lock, electronic lock, rod control lock, and the toggle latch hasp?

Since our inception in 1984, we have attained more than 40 product patents. Shengjiu offers personalized designs without compromising quality. Each stage of our manufacturing cycle is meticulously handled. Take mold crafting, for instance, an integral part of our production procedure. We have professional mold designers and advanced processing equipment including the CNC machine, CNC engraving machine, COMWEB2000 electrical pulse machine, etc.

A complete set of progressive inspection equipment provides us with detailed scientific data for each stage of production? This data is utilized in chemical analysis and mechanical property engineering, which are then applicable to elements of design, assembly, molding, stamping, die casting, surface treatment, etc?

Two decades of continuous effort has greatly improved our quality system and product standards. The environmental impact of our products is very important to us. Shengjiu has established an advanced testing center, successfully passing the quality system certifications of both ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004.

Our company provides comprehensive solutions that are formulated in accordance with client needs. We offer accessible technical support and timely delivery services. Shengjiu actively seeks to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with clients all over the world, creating a brand that will endure the tests of time.

?????We export globally to countries and regions such as Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Australia, America, and Mexico. We have also established multiple point-of-sale distribution centers in locations including Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Sweden, India, Italy, Germany, etc.

1984 Formerly known as the Dayin Machinery Hardware Factory, we became established in Yuyao City. Mr. Jinming Yao was inaugurated as the first director.
1994 Shengjiu domestic brand was registered.
1998 Shanghai Shengjiu Cabinet Lock Co., Ltd. was founded.
2002 The Ningbo subsidiary was established. Mr. Chunliang Yao became the general manager for this branch.
2006 SJ international brand was registered.
2008 The Shenzhen subsidiary was founded. The Shengjiu brand became a certified Famous Chinese Trademark.
2009 Subsidiaries were established in Beijing, Wuhan, and Qingdao.
2010 UAE Shengjiu Cabinet Lock Co., Ltd. was founded. MIM technology was first introduced into our production process.
2011 The Vietnam subsidiary was founded.
????? 2012 The construction of a new factory begins in Ningbo.

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